18| Feel the Fear w/ Max Nachamkin

18| Feel the Fear w/ Max Nachamkin

Quote From the Episode:

“When you do anything from a fear based mindset that fear will return to you until you feel that fear completely”

– Max Nachamkin

About Max Nachamkin:

Max Nachamkin is a dating and relationships coach with a very unique, spiritual perspective.

In This Episode:

  • Why Max believes that confidence is a myth and that what men really need to strive for is self-trust.
  • How confidence is really a byproduct of your ability to feel all of your emotions.
  • You can’t fix your confidence issues by approaching women if all you are doing is seeking approval.
  • The value of asking yourself questions to get at the root of your issues so that you can get to what you want.
  • The only way to see your own blind spots is to be around other people.
  • Why self-identity is malleable and why Max believes that the ultimate goal is to have no identity at all.
  • How to disassociate your self-identity from your thoughts.
  • Why affirmations actually reinforce negative beliefs.
  • Once you can get your own insecurities handled you become aware of just how insecure everyone around you really is.
  • Why the only way to overcome fear is to expose yourself to it and feel it completely
  • Why Max is believes that it is important to rid yourself of fear before committing to a monogamous relationship.
  • If you play games, that is what you will get in return.


Do Nothing! You’ll have to listen to understand Max’s meaning behind this. Trust me, it actually makes quite a bit of sense.

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Max’s survey to get a customized dating action plan: http://maxnachamkin.com/mdm

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