21| A Realistic Perspective on Marriage and Going for What You Want w/ Steve Horsmon

21| A Realistic Perspective on Marriage and Going for What You Want w/ Steve Horsmon

Quote From the Episode:

“There is no such thing as simultaneous mutuality in a relationship”

– Steve Horsmon

About Steve Horsmon:

Steve Horsmon is a men’s coach who specializes in working with men who are at the very end of saving a relationship or at the very beginning of starting a new life with women.

In This Episode:

  • A realistic take on marriage, what it’s really about, why they fail and why many of the ones that last do so in a state of mediocrity.
  • Why marriage marks the beginning of your growth as a man.
  • Why women are uniquely designed to test men and to trigger all their insecurities.
  • The two assumptions underpinning mainstream advice to save a marriage or long term relationship, and why they are flawed.
  • Why a relationship is not a fifty-fifty partnership.
  • Every relationship that struggles and survives, does so because the man takes leadership in changing the emotional energy of the relationship.
  • Women want the man to step up and lead the way to emotional safety.
  • Speaking your truth and asking for what you want regardless of the consequences, even if it risks ending the relationship.
  • Why you shouldn’t give a crap about what your woman thinks about you.
  • Do man shit test women?
  • The anthropology behind women shit testing men.
  • Why therapists recommend to “fake it till you make it”.
  • Why using “techniques” in a relationship can be destructive.
  • The importance of being crystal clear about what you want and communicating it.

Contact Steve Horsmon:

Website: www.goodguys2greatmen.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/goodguys2greatmen

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