What is Men’s Dating Mastery?

Men’s Dating Mastery or simply MDM is a podcast dedicated to helping men improve their success in dating, sex and relationships by interviewing true subject matter experts. Coaches, psychologists, sexologists, researchers, style consultants, anyone with useful and actionable insight is invited to the show. While there are several core principles (read below) that guide the content produced by MDM, MDM does not subscribe to any particular ideology or push it on its listeners. Instead, it seeks to uncover the truth wherever it may lie. As such, no topic is off the table and all perspectives are welcome so long that they stand to enrich the lives of men and do so with integrity and without malice.


Core Guiding Principles

The following are the core principles that guide the content produced by MDM:

  • Men and women are of equal worth and deserving of the same level of respect.
  • With that understanding in mind, it is believed that the sexes are fundamentally different in the context of dating, sex and relationships. Understanding and embracing these differences is beneficial to both sexes.
  • Irrespective of a man’s objectives, his behavior must be rooted in honesty, authenticity and integrity.
  • How well a man does with women is largely a learned skill and every man deserves the opportunity to learn it.
  • Teaching men how to better themselves in dating, sex and relationships will benefit the women who come in contact with them. That is why our slogan is “Improving the lives of men and the women around them.”


Who is Men’s Dating Mastery For?

While all are embraced with open arms, this podcast was created to cater to a very specific kind of man. A man who is generally well adjusted but is not happy with his dating/sex/romantic life. He possesses intellectual curiosity and understands that to improve in this area of his life, he must take responsibility and put in the time and effort required to achieve his goals. At the same time, he is frustrated with the resources that are currently on the market, as he is too discerning to fully embrace pickup artistry and possesses too much self-respect to fall for the manipulative marketing tactics that are often used in order to exploit men’s insecurities. If you feel that you are that man, then you have come to the right place.