Avoid Rejection with This One Simple Tool

Avoid Rejection with This One Simple Tool

Titles like this are typically used to bait you into clicking on the link but fail to deliver on the stated promise. But I am no liar so I will give you what you’re looking for. Although, I have to say that I don’t encourage anyone to go through life avoiding rejection. If you are not getting rejected in your dating life or in other areas of your life, it means that you are playing it safe and not living to your potential. I recorded a great episode with international phenomenon, Jason Comely, on how to overcome fear of rejection and live a more full life; list to it here. With that said, if you still want a more sure fire method for approaching women that will lead to a yes, here it is: approach women who are already attracted to you. I can already hear the objections but stay with me.

You might be thinking:

  • How do I know if a woman is attracted to me before I approach her?
  • I am not good looking enough.
  • Women are not attracted to me.
  • I don’t like the women who are attracted to me.

Let’s talk about each of these:

How Do I Know If A Woman Is Attracted To Me?

Women give off clues that they are interested in you all the time, but they are usually subtle. I’ll give you two common ones that are easy to spot. The first is if she makes direct eye-contact and holds it or coyly looks away. Note that looking away coyly is not the same as looking away with indifference. The second is if she puts herself within your proximity for no logical reason. For example, if she is crossing over to the other side of the room and deliberately passes near you, even though there is a more convenient path to her destination. If this happens multiple times, it’s the equivalent of her clubbing you over the head. If you observe these things then walk over and say hi, as if you already know each other and with the understanding that she invited you to approach. No clever opening lines needed as you both know what’s going on.

I Am Not Good Looking Enough

There is almost always someone who will find you attractive. I have friends who are not particularly attractive in the traditional sense and yet they get attention from women on a regular basis (even if they are oblivious to it). In the mating game, everyone makes an assessment of their bargaining chips and seeks out others, whose bargaining chips are of perceived equal value. I recorded a brilliant podcast episode with Caelin White where he explains this concept. It is one of the most popular episodes on the show and you can listen to it here.

Women Are Not Attracted To Me

This may be true but it is fixable. If no woman is attracted to you, it is usually because of how you present yourself. If you are giving off negative energy by exhibiting unfriendly, hostile or an otherwise unapproachable attitude or if you look mopey and depressed, then people in general, will find you unattractive. If you are relaxed, social and having a good time, women will want to be around you. It is your job to present yourself in a positive manner.

I Don’t Like the Women Who Are Attracted To Me

You got me on this one. There is no cheat here. If your complaint is that you don’t like the women who display interest in you, well then you have to stop trying to avoid rejection. This is what I was getting at about living to your full potential. If you want more choice then you will have to work on yourself to exhibit more attractive qualities, take more chances and risk rejection. The good part is that daring to risk rejection, will make you more attractive in and of itself.

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