26| The 10 Emotional Needs of Men w/ Frank Kermit Part 1 of 2

26| The 10 Emotional Needs of Men w/ Frank Kermit Part 1 of 2

About Frank Kermit

There is a lot to be said about Frank Kermit. Just the fact that he is considered the coaches’ coach, speaks volumes. Frank is a Dating and Relationship expert, a Certified Trauma Counsellor, Certified Hypnotherapist, the author of numerous books, columnist and a regular presence in the media. He is a man with a big heart who is truly out to help people.

In This Episode

In part one of this two-part episode, Frank covers the first five emotional needs of men that must be met in order for him to commit to a woman:

  1. Protection of his reputation
  2. Quiet time
  3. Mind the store (i.e. can she take of things when called upon)
  4. Is she compliant?
  5. Does she support his lifestyle?


Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

Dante Nero of the Beige Phillip Show

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