2| How to Conquer Rejection by Turning it Into a Game w/ Jason Comely (Updated)

2| How to Conquer Rejection by Turning it Into a Game w/ Jason Comely (Updated)

Quote from the Episode:

“Live to the point of tears”

-Albert Camus

The Highlights:

  • Isolating yourself from other people can lead to social inhibitions.
  • Your comfort zone is where you stay out of fear.
  • What Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces military unit, can teach you about conquering rejection.
  • Flooding is a psychotherapeutic technique that can help you overcome your fears (especially irrational ones) through forced exposure.
  • How getting rejected can actually feel great.
  • The formula for fear that you can hack in order to overcome it.
  • Your comfort zone is like an elastic band and not in the way that you think.
  • When confronting your fears, start of small and work your way up in increments.

About Jason Comely:

Jason Comely is an entrepreneur and inventor of a game called Rejection Therapy.  He used this game to overcome a severe case of social anxiety. Rejection Therapy and Jason’s personal story resonated so strongly with people that it is now being played all over the world and Jason has become an international phenomenon. He has appeared in major media such as Bloomberg, Dragon’s Den, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and National Public Radio (NPR), and continues to be a sought after speaker, globally. Jason is also an active voice for the environment and animal rights. Jason would like to acknowledge God as co-creator of Rejection Therapy.

Show Summary:

After a painful divorce, moving to a new city and starting a business that kept him busy around the clock, Jason found himself isolated from others. This isolation eventually manifested itself in the form of severe social anxiety, at the root of which was a fear of rejection.

Feeling debilitated by his fear, Jason decided to tackle it head on by drawing inspiration from the Spetsnaz, a Russian special forces military unit. He came up with Rejection Therapy, a game rooted in a psychotherapeutic technique called Flooding. This game has only one rule: to get rejected by at least one person, every day.

Playing Rejection Therapy not only allowed Jason to completely rid himself of social anxiety but also bore other fruit. To his surprise, he received a yes to many of his requests, developed a bias for action, his self-awareness and social skills improved, and he became better at reading people.

Jason provides a formula for fear, which you can use to overcome it. He also explains how your comfort zone is like an elastic and what happens when you stop pushing against it; it’s actually better than you think.


Jason explains how you can move toward your goals if you just stop telling yourself stories.

Contact Jason:

Jason’s Website: http://rejectiontherapy.com

Jason on Twitter: @jasoncomely

Rejection Therapy on Twitter: @rejectiongame

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