25| Journey of a Former Pickup Artist w/ Stephen Nash

25| Journey of a Former Pickup Artist w/ Stephen Nash

Quote from the Episode

“How a man lives, is how a man loves.”

– Stephen Nash

About Stephen Nash

Stephen Nash is a former pickup artist who lived in Project Hollywood and was featured in The Game by Neil Strauss under his pen name, Playboy. Since then, Stephen has evolved beyond the pickup community and is presently happily married. Stephen specializes in coaching men who are ready to make the transition into a relationship with a woman.

In This Episode

This episode is all about Stephen’s journey as a pickup artist and his evolution as a man after his departure from that community. We touch on topics such as:

  • Life in project Hollywood.
  • How Stephen was able to benefit from routine based approach to picking up women but more so, its limitations.
  • The problem with being too smooth.
  • The importance of being consumed by something bigger than women.
  • Women seek security from a man but security can come in many different forms.
  • The difference between “horizontal freedom” and “vertical freedom” and how to strike a balance between them in order to achieve total freedom.
  • Finding freedom within a monogamous relationship.
  • Seeking comfort in the outward beauty of another woman.
  • The kind of women routine-based pickup attracts vs. more authentic communication.


Contact Stephen Nash:

Website: http://lifestyle-arts.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephennash1

Twitter: http://twitter.com/@stephennash

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